The issues of Tarkov from the perspective of a “veteran” player.

Let me start of by saying that the quality of the game is top notch and steadily rising. I bought Tarkov back in 2017 and have been playing since then. I can confidently say that Tarkov over the years is constantly getting "better". I can not say the same for the enjoyment and the experience. As usual this wipe the worst thing was installing the game, thanks to LunatiqTV for delivering the only guide that fixed my issue, his video is worth a watch even if you don't have the issue, comedic gold.

Guns, Ammo & Armor:

3 years ago we didn't have the flea market, we had really just 2 armor options and there was no mosin. The prices for Ammo at the time were fixed. Nowadays there is plenty of armor, ammo and gun options, which is great. There are a lot of issues though:


– levels 1-2 are just useless weight that slows u down.

– level 3-4 armor is only useful for scavs and overpriced for the purpose to be honest. You will get oneshot by a shotgun, or oneshot by a mosin in the Thorax.

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– level 5-6 is the go to, costs ridiculous amounts and gives pretty good protection from most cheap ammo as well as some higher tier ones, what it doesn't protect you from though is ammo (7.62×54 SNB) that costs 532₽ per bullet from Prapor, about 450-500₽ on the flea market. It will protect you from bullets that cost 1000-1500₽ per round pretty decently. Where is the logic? You tell me.

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– if it doesn't have a faceshield then this is your best helmet option:

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– if it does have a faceshield then refer to level 4 armor, that is the protection you are getting. Only the Altyn makes sense to buy, as it is level 5. For best protection buy a Vulkan and turn your back towards the mosin whenever it shoots, if ur lucky he has bad ammo and won't penetrate the level 6 armor. He will penetrate the faceshield though :).

Guns (only going to give some very good bang for the buck examples):

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u can put a scope on

the top end option that is still sensible, a scope is all u throw on it

Don't play any fun weapons, they will cost u 300 000₽ to mod and the rounds will be ridiculously expensive. There is absolutely no point. It's better to run one of the above.

There is 0 fun to all this. What's the point of having gear when it is just useless weight. This would all be completely fine if labs wasn't behind a paywall, so u would have enough money for the fun guns. That was my favorite wipe of Tarkov, when I could just go labs and go ham. I onetap people daily with my 110$ pistol and grab their ridiculously expensive gear, because they don't invest into a helmet that blurs their vision and gives them basically no protection. You can still just legmeta with a shotgun with for example Shrapnel ammo, 2 shots to the legs will kill a player regardless of their gear usually.

PS: If this gets well received I will make a follow up post about things like factory, loot farming, found in raid, performance, quests, bugs that get fixed and come back, cheating and so on.


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