The Jailing “Patch” Actually Buffed Jailing

Hello everyone,

u/Durkerr and I primarily play on public privacy so it's easier and less time consuming to fill the group. We decided to collect data on the sheer amount of players who use these jail builds because it seems like at least one or two people build them in every single public mission we load in to.

Repeatedly doing jail builds quickly became extremely boring and stale, and we noticed a large increase in public players utilizing jail builds since the building armor buff that came with this homebase status report. Even more players started using jail builds after sound walls no longer contributed to the crowd control counter around April, which is not an unrecognized bug by developers. Here is proof of this.

We started just building our own trap tunnels / damaging defenses, and unsurprisingly, public players were not contributing to the defense stage, and instead going AFK or even as far as to sabotage the mission.

Anyways, last night we were fed up with having jailer teammates, so we decided to collect data on just how many people were exploiting this bug. We collected data on NAW, NAE, and EU servers across 10 games in the PL160 Retrieve the Data mission, and only one person from one team did not jail. Here is the link to the data, we included the heroes the team used, the region, whether they jailed or not, and responses when prompted which gameplay style they preferred.

This is a very big issue this game has. People should not be able to hold everyone in a group hostage by forcing them into a specific play style, and if anyone gets tired of that one boring play style, the jailing players won't help complete the mission. This could be very easily fixed by adding a kill wave if husks are not dying, or nerfing constructor buffs so husks can actually break walls.

Thanks for reading!


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