The Jupiter Division getting ran over by a rogue Type 9 tells me one key thing:

F.Dev knows how to balance a Supporter x Gameplay event hell of a lot better than say, I dunno, oh yeah Nintendo. (Because when Nintendo does this, they suck)

Because that was exactly how a Supporter x Gameplay competetive event should roll. Did Jupiter "Do Crimes" Rochester have a chance after the first few hours? No, he kinda didn't. Was the event still infinitely better than if for some reason him being behind made his bonds worth more? YES. Because Fair rules > Fair outcome. His supporters were outnumbered significantly– thousands more players on the Federal Navy's side. Of course the side with thousands more players is going to have an (insurmountable) advantage.

This event was well designed. It gave its rewards to the winners, and gave better rewards to more active players. It may have resulted in a freight train Type-9 running down one side bad, but honestly, if the event is properly done, if the sides became as tilted as they did, it should.

Having seen the exact same concept done elsewhere in much worse form, I have to applaud F.Dev on this.


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