The Karma system is great. but it needs to be more clear.

Anyone who has tried to defend a scav boss knows what i'm talking about. the coin flip off 'will the scav boss and his minions instantly mow me down', or 'will they let me chill with them'.

Speculations are that Scav Bosses and their minions will shoot you on sight if another scav player has angered them. This needs to change in either making it a per-player aggro basis, or actually making it clear that they are angry at scav players. As it stands the only way to find out is to either get killed or find out they aren't aggro.

Having the Boss and his minions fire warning shots first would be a great way to let the player know they are not welcome. But simply dieing because someone shot them before you even began your raid does not make any sense to me.

If we want player scavs to have the ability to defend them they shouldnt be mowed down because of another player scavs actions.


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