“The Lab” Speedrun Contest!

Happy Fortnitemares Commanders!

We're bringing you a new contest hosted by the moderators of the /r/Fortnite Discord server!

Read below for the full contest rules and details how to enter, and of course, the prizes.

Contest Rules:

  • Contest entry period is from October 17th 2021 until November 20th 2021, at reset.

  • All entries must have taken place during the contest entry period, entries from outside this timeframe will not count (I.E you cannot use an old video).

  • No bugs, exploits, or other forms of cheats/abuse. It must be a clean run from start to finish.

  • Entries must be in the form of a video, showing the run from start, which is the pre-game lobby, to finish, which is when the mission results appear and shows your completion time.

  • You must complete The Lab Power Level 88. No other power level runs will be accepted.

  • This is a Solo only contest, if another user is seen in your party in the video, your video will be disqualified.

  • You are welcome to submit more than one entry, try and break your own record!

  • Entries on Discord must be in #lab-speedrun-contest , Entries on the subreddit must be with Lab Contest. Entries from any other source will be disqualified.

Note: We are aware of the fact the mission results screen can send you back to the lobby. We're not strictly looking for it to appear in your video, as we can use the time of the video itself to confirm your run. The results screen is just the "end window" we need, so you know when to stop your recording.
Winners will be announced a few days after the contest ends, as we'll need the time to verify all the results.


The 5 fastest speedrun videos will be picked and prizes given as follows:

First Place – One Winner

  • 2,800 V-Bucks or 2 months Discord Nitro

  • Unique Role on /r/Fortnite Discord Server

Second Place – Two Winners

  • 1,000 V-Bucks or 1 month Discord Nitro

Third Place – Two Winners

  • 1 month Discord Classic

V-Buck Prize Disclaimers:

Prizes will be given out via currency cards to a platform of your choosing. When you are messaged as a winner, we will be asking this information.


You can either

A) Upload your video directly into #lab-speedrun-contest.


B) Upload your video to youtube/streamable/etc, and then post the link in #lab-speedrun-contest.


Submissions on the subreddit must be directly uploaded to the subreddit. This is due to our rules regarding self-promotion. However, you are more than welcome to link to your youtube/etc video in the comments of your submission.

You MUST select the "Lab Contest" flair for your entry to count. Submissions without the proper flair will not be counted.

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/qa7kmh/the_lab_speedrun_contest/

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