The last qualifiers for Open #3 are done – Congratulations to lord-triss and GranMazorca2021!

Yennefer's Journey

The cast for the last Open #3 Qualifiers has just ended!

You can check out the player's decks here:

and the final bracket here:

It was a ton of fun to watch the official cast from Ceely and Trynet on his channel, and hang out with a lot of great players in the chat.

I really enjoyed watching, I think both casters were very comfortable with the meta and the decks, and were able to explain the players' strategies and lines very well, even making me laugh with some silly jokes and generally entertaining. I was glued to my screen the entire time, hope to see both of them back for more soon!

Congratulations to lord-triss (amazing name lol) and GranMazorca20201 for taking the last 2 spots in the tournament!

I'm looking forward to the next patch & the new cards, looking at deck diversity in the tournament it seems like the meta has become a bit stale by now.


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