The late spawns need to stop.

Over and over and over again I continue to get late spawns, mostly on Interchange which in my opinion is the worst map to spawn late. I get in, start running to get into the mall and get shot at from one of the towers, or someone is already inside and camping the entrance. This is completely ridiculous. People already have a tactical advantage on players spawning in 4 minutes late and I know that doesn't seem like a lot but that gives the Rat players plenty of time to set up in their towers or corners near the entrances to wait for a player to come in.

Why is it so bad for a player to be in a game with 2-3 other PMCs or even alone?

This would be a much better experience than getting killed over something I have absolutely no control over. The argument that "Then he can loot the whole map without any problems" is invalid. Who truly cares if someone gets to look Interchange by themselves?

This cannot be a hard thing to fix. Just make it so we either match a little longer to get us in a game on time or make it so you are able to get into a raid with little to no other PMCs.

Then current system you have is not working and isn't fair.


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