The latest bitcoin changes and the State of Tarkov

The latest bitcoin changes are stupid and they don't fix any of the problems with the economy and the state of Tarkov

The problem is the highest level players with maxed out bitcoin farms and hundreds of millions/billions of roubles in the bank who have been benefiting from the high prices and first to get the bitcoin farm

This means this latest bitcoin change only hurts the people who have been trying to catch up by spending all their money on upgrading the bitcoin farm, grinding money runs and avoiding the chads of Tarkov who have the best ammo, armour and none of the gear fear. They are not going to be affected by the slower bitcoin rate or drop in value. These changes just ruin it for everyone who is playing catchup

We need other fixes to this problem like:

– Durable graphics cards with special repair recipes with Mechanic
– Bitcoins should be used to buy the best meta gear
– High-level players with meta gear and lots of money should be looked down on by the traders and forced to pay more because they've taken advantage of the situation of Tarkov
– Bitcoins should become slower to get as more bitcoin farms and graphics cards join the pool of miners in Tarkov

There are so many other ways these fixes could have been done but instead, myself and others who have not been able to amass such fortunes are now told we can't have those things and the ones who are at the top can stay at the top

My friends and I have been grinding for weeks to get bitcoin farms but now since this latest change it almost feels like we've just wasted our time and we're losing interest because of this as prior to it we felt like we were getting somewhere. We could start to get a meta loadout for at least one of our raids and we had a fighting chance against the chads of Tarkov

Better fixes are needed for this


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