The Lonely Imposter (Part 1)

I am the one who wrote the "Day of a Crewposter" series and now we have a new series! Hope you enjoy it!

My name is Logan. I'm an Imposter. I have not killed so far. I am lonely. No friends. No nothing.

I see friendships all around me. But I've not involved in one myself. I tried numerous times to get a friend. All of which ended in failure. They talk around me saying things I never understand, I'm only 10.

"Hey you, Lone-gan. How does it feel to be lonely" someone named Harry said.

"Shut up Harry"

"Aw, does the little baby want his mommy. Oh, wait, yours is dead. Your stupid mom"

"What did you say about my mom?!"

"Your mom is the most naive, the dumbest person on Polus"

I couldn't take it anymore. That why I killed him with my sharp tongue. Not sorry. No regrets.

WAIT! Now everyone will want me to fall into the lava pit. I had to get out! I crawled into the vent and came out the other side. I saw a kid play in the snow.

"Do you want to pway"


That's when his dad saw me and picked him up saying, "Don't play with him."


Am I really that bad of a person?

The story continues in Part 2! Did you like the story?


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