The Lonely Imposter (Part 2)

Part 1 was a success, so I can finish the series. Also, the next Part will come out probably Monday. 🙁

I went to sleep. Why, oh why, must I be cursed with this? Anyway…

The next day, I saw the same kid

"Can you pway with me"

"But your dad…"

"Pwease. Pwetty PWEASE"

I couldn't say no…



So, I guess I have no regrets. That was fun actually. We built a snowman, have snowball fights, loads of snowy fun.

"What's your name. My name is Kyle"


"Where are your fwiends?"

"Um… I don't have any"

"What, no fwiends? Can I be your fwiend?"



Then, Kyle's dad came in.

"Dad, meet my new fwiend!"

Kyle's dad's blood seemed to freeze.

"S-s-son… are you sure"

"Yep! Look, we made a snowman" Kyle said as he pointed to the snowman we made.

The story continues in Part 3!


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