The Lonely Imposter (Part 3)

Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. Anyway, Part 4 will have to come out on 2/21. 🙁

"You, are playing with my kid?"

"Y-yes". Oh man, what did I do??

"What's your name?"

"Daddy, his name is Logan"

"Well, Logan, thanks for playing with my kid. Are you hungry? I have waffles"


"Um, sure. I can eat it."


Kyle was a messy eater. His crumbs flew ALL over the place.

"Kyle… you should eat more carefully. You are bothering your friend"

"Huh. Oh, um, sorry…"

"No no no. It is ok" I said.

I had to wash my hands. Then, I saw something on the wall…

The story continues in Part 4!


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