The love/hate that is Tarkov!

Lets start with the good stuff and end with the bad stuff.

First of all this game is great. Its improvements from when I started to play are massive and it really is massive fun to play. It is pretty much my go to game for quite a while now and probably will be for some more time. Every phase of the wipe is fun and enjoyable, the phases could last a bit longer, but whatever, you can still quest and help others who are not as fast. Teaching new people how to Tarkov is also very enjoyable and the depth the game offers is crazy.

It is hard to do the first steps and that is what also makes Tarkov great for me. There is no tutorial, you get thrown out there and you die. You need to find your ways without any help. There is no move there, press y to prone, the big highlighted area is the exit and the bright yellow arrows lead you to it.

Now the bad side and why I hate this game… things like the GL, I mean who ever thought that a GL is a good addition to a game? Not even a game like Tarkov, but pretty much any PvP game aside from very very rare games where it is actually okey. Things like implementing Headbobbing… I mean who in their right mind tested that and felt it was okey?!?!?! Things like these make me fear the future. Yes those things exist in real life, but for me at least there needs to be a line between realism and fun to play. I know Nikita always says the game shouldn't be fun, but that is total BS. If there is no fun and good moments in a game, no one is going to play it.

And there is the next thing. Things that really destroy the fun are death that could be avoided, if BSG would finally fix some of the major bugs that are almost older than the game itself. Let's make a quick list:

  1. Late Spawns
  2. Desync
  3. kicked du to high packet loss (Server issues)
  4. Hit Registration
  5. Silent nades (those actually got better)

And at least Late Spawns are freaking easy to fix. On some maps you late spawn insanely often (Interchange) and if you take a timer you will see that the server pretty much starts when our matching stopped, I mean WTF, put a timer so everyone can load in at least 3 min or even 5. I don't care to wait. After 5 min of loading everyone spawns, those with really long loading times, well get a better PC, but all of us with SSD's and new Hardware really shouldn't late spawn.

A night like toniight wants to make me quit sometimes. It starts with kicked due to high packet loss crap (every other game is fine and my duo mate can understand me just fine in TS with 5 ping and 0% loss) even the ingame fps2 thing doesn't show any loss whatsoever, yet it kicks me. Followed by a raid where the enemy player just eats a whole mag of m61 before turning around and killing me.

Servers are dogshit!


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