The mamba and balancing

Since its Mamba week now I wanted to say this:

The Mamba is my favorite ship design wise and I have three of them, one for combat, one for racing and one for… I dont know what to be honest but I still have it. There is still a big problem with all these three ships for me:
The mamba currently has no place in the game where it shines, it is not that much faster than a meta FDL and provides the same amount of damage potential for worse handling.
The mamba is supposed to be a fast hit and run ship, and while it is a really fun racer it is still so much slower than the Viper. I understand that the Viper is a much smaller ship, but I feel like that the Mamba needs a speed buff! An extra 10% top speed would make it so much better and give it its role as a very fast but not very mobile ship unmatched by any other medium class in top speed, only being outrun by the most agile small ships.

There are so many situations where a nimble ship can be so much fun. Be it flying over a planet to search for points of interest while still having a vehicle hangar. I cant do that with my viper because it would be slowed down to much but a Mamba has a much higher top engine efficiency weight and can handle a SRV bay.
It could make for a good pirate hunter, being at the scene of the fight very quickly in resource extraction sites.
And the fact that the mamba has a pretty decent jump range too, if modified correctly, it could prove to be a great forward scout lore wise.

Of course maybe I dont understand the balance of all the ships currently, but what I do know is that how it is currently it is worse at fights than the FDL, it even has a worse heat capacity than its main competitor.


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