The match making times are ridiculous and its wasting everyone’s time

How has this not been patched yet? I'm talking literally 8+ minutes of match making every other game, with a minimum of 5 minutes. Surely other people are experiencing this right? How is this not everyone's number one concern? Ok a few games have hackers in them, okay the game barely gets 60 fps even though im 200+ in every other fps, okay every load screen takes way longer than it needs to, okay the questing system REQUIRES you to use a guide/use outside game information, okay sometimes you get a bad spawn and have a guy kill you in 5 seconds. Okay, lets take all that. But you're really going to waste 5-10 minutes of my life every time I try to get into the game? With so many people playing what could be taking this long? Is it really that they just don't want more servers? Is it a few variables in the match making algorithm they just don't want to change? What could cause this? It is so frustrating to have to wait 5-10 minutes every game, with a lot of those games dying >1 min after you get into game.


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