The more I think about the 2D theater screen for VR users, the more disappointed and pissed off I get.

The biggest reason is because I know how easy this is for them to do, the head is already rigged to the mouse so rigging it to the HMD would be a very easy process. I don't understand if this is a motion sickness issue they're worried about or if it's just them being content with VR and its current state. As far as the motion sickness goes leave that up to the user, not everyone has problems it like myself and many others. I figure if you can handle the SRV in VR on a bumpy surface then you're good to go. We are not asking Frontier to reinvent the wheel, just head look with the UI. It was Elite dangerous that brought me to VR back in 2015 and I've been a dedicated player ever since, I have purchased skins, ARX, bobbleheads, voice packs, HOTAS, flight stand, butt kicker Etc all for a game that allowed someone who will never get to touch space and real life a chance to experience it in a virtual simulation and having to switch back to the 2D theater screen is like having to go back to the 1980''s version of elite dangerous. So hearing from Frontier that there will be …"no further VR development" has completely taken the wind out of this game for me. Without VR this is just an okay game that I would never play.


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