The more you think about it, the more you start to realize that greatly limiting high end armor and ammo is almost NECESSARY

1) Limiting high end ammo and armor brings the game closer in line with its intended vision

Everyone loves to talk about how this is a hardcore, survival, realistic shooter, where wits and intelligence matter. It doesn't really feel that way when it gets to the point where people have an endless supply of elite gear, high end stems, and top quality guns. People charge into their deaths with this stuff, and don't even care because they know that they have an unlimited amount of it right around the corner. (I'm not bashing the chad lifestyle, I actually greatly enjoy it and will come back to this in just a second)

Dying with elite gear would actually mean something if it just wasn't readily available, and had to be scavenged, crafted, or fought for.

2) All gear would instantly become much more usable if 5/6 tier armor and ammo were greatly restricted.

If you run AKs, when was the last time you ran PS ammo? The first 2 days of the wipe?

When the wipe period, which ends very quickly for a lot of people around here, is over, its straight to BS or Igolnik.

By making it so the only thing you can guarantee purchase with ease is tier 4 armor, you are still relatively threatened by most rounds. You aren't just a tank that can run around and eat rounds with ease. You could still engage in fast paced pvp too, since your average rounds would still be highly effective.

5) With the above point, the game becomes much more accessible to casuals.

I think the fact of the matter is, it takes a REALLY long time to get relevant in Tarkov. Opening the flea market late into a wipe, with a standard account, and without prior mission knowledge guarantees you're in for a long ride.

By reducing the availability of top tier ammo and armor, you give the common man a chance to actually do okay in combat. Obviously higher level traders should give you slightly better gear which gives you a slight edge, but I don't think it should be a complete blow out like it is now.

6) The crafts and miscellaneous items you find lying around will mean so much more, and lead to more interesting decisions in raid.

I can't tell you how many items I just straight up blow past in favor of more cost per slot items. In almost no situation is it more favorable to have junk over cold hard rubles.

I think it would be interesting if you picked up an expeditionary fuel can which is obviously valuable, but you stumble across a couple tubs of gun powder which can get you some high end ammo. Instead of just playing the calculator game to determine which is worth more, you now need to decide if you would rather have the extended power the fuel gives you, or would you like the rounds the powder gives you.

Just something to consider.

Edit; a commenter below said this and it really encapsulated a lot of what I’m trying to say

It would just make high tier shit special so youd have to save it for a reason not just save up money to print out 100 kits anytime you want. I think the idea here is to make level 4/shit level 5 armor the average tier 4 trader. And to make the ammo that pens these at a normal rate (non BS,M955,M61 etc). The idea is to make the norm, the norm and the highest tier something worth holding onto for labs or reserve or something. You might have to farm lower difficulty maps before you can start risking the higher tier maps. YOud also prob want to assign different overall loot values to the maps too or randomize it depending on the day so that theres a reason to bring certain types/levels of gear to those zones. Tarkov is supposed to have survival aspects, what you guys like right now is just COD with extra steps and a bit more realistic gunplay.


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