The Mosin needs some form of a buff

Sorry for the wall of text.

Last wipe with 12.5, the mosin was absolutely the dominant early game weapon. The ergo was always pretty poor making it less than ideal for sniping, which further pushed it into the role of a cheap, aggressive weapon capable of taking down highly geared PMC with a single shot from the abundant SNB ammo on reserve. LPS GZH could penetrate level 4 armor and one tap the chest, and the gun and ammo were dirt cheap available at LL1. Over time though a series of increasingly aggressive nerfs have made this gun an absolute joke. The price hikes at 12.6 made it expensive and more of a fair deal for such a powerful weapon early game, and the nerfs to LPS GZH have made it incapable of one tapping to the thorax. The result is an overpriced under performing bolt action rifle that fails at meeting it's expectations as a sniper rifle due to ergo, and is too clunky and expensive to work as a mid range carbine. In order to effectively snipe, you need to put an optic which is unavailable until the SV98 is unlocked, an objectively better gun, and improve the ergo via an aftermarket stock late in the Jaeger questline or pay high prices on the flea for the archangel. The sniper carbine stock destroys ergo further by being unnecessarily lower on top of whatever optic you are using, and all in all it's just a mediocre gun, especially compared to the sv98 with it's new buff that is more accurate, has 10 round mags, a integrated rail, lower recoil and faster rate a of fire, and is 5k cheaper than the cheapest mosin.

The easiest way of fixing this would be to undo one of the previous nerfs, and since buffing LPS GZH would be an absolutely terrible idea tarkov should buff the mosin's price a bit to make it more reasonable. However, the mosin should cater to it's real world strengths and weaknesses. IRL, the mosin nagant is an incredibly cheap and widespread rifle across much of Russia and Eastern Europe. It shoots a powerful cartridge that has many extremely powerful armor piercing rounds, is simplistic and reliable, and can perform well as a sniper with the PU optic (although due to quality control with it's mass production barrels are an extremely mixed bag).

As such: here is my proposal:

  1. Lower price for the base version to 30k. This is a pretty simple change that makes it on the higher end of early game guns but not unreasonably cheap like before.
  2. Raise ergo by 15. This is a simple change that would make the gun more usable as a sniper. 6 ergo is super punishing and makes the mosin entirely unviable for spotting targets. Ergo was part of the reason the gun became infamous for use by 'moslings' in the first place, and allowing for use as proper bolt action rifle would help quite a bit. Also, remove the arbitrary ergo penalty on
  3. Add variance in barrel MOA for FIR guns. Scavs would spawn with barrels with an MOA ranging from 3.5-.75. The better barrels would vendor for more and be purchasable later from Jaeger. This would allow for a more accuracy if desired, and keep the gun balanced and realistic.
  4. Move the PU optic to Jaeger LL1. With Jaeger being more accessible this would make the gun much more of a threat, and at lower levels if you took the time and effort to hunt down SNB boxes, get to Jaeger, and a find quality barrel you could have a serious sniper on the cheap.

The mosin has some great things going for it, and is an iconic and amazing firearm, however the recent SV98 buff removing the 200ms delay has made it all but obsolete. What are your thoughts? Are my suggestions too forgiving, or should it go back to pre-12.6 just without the 1 shot potential? Or do you think the gun is fine where it is?


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  • Squire 15.07.2021 in 18:53

    Downed hunters can be revived by teammates, but they lose their first health chunk permanently (‘burned out health bar’). Some players prefer hunters with large 50-health bars, which will auto-regenerate more health, while others prefer small 25-health bars, which will limit the health-lost when downed.

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