The most wholesome Among Us play in a long time

I became impostor and my partner got caught and he told that I was his partner. I said, that I wanted to quit the game anyway and that they should throw me out.

Instead of doing that they tried to let me win. I really didn't wanna do it, but they pushed the Emergency Button and threw themself out. I killed some, but even then they reported it and threw themself out. When we were 3 left, one decided to blame me. I voted myself, since I didn't want them lose, only because the other imp was this way. I let them win. It's been a real long time since I had such players in a lobby with me and I thank everyone who really is playing fair and who is friendly to other players. Thank you guys who were playing with me and thanks to the community ^ ^

I know these kinds if posts were pretty often on this Subreddit already, but I think it's always nice to read that not only kids who blame everyone play Among Us, but that also Player who want to play fair are playing it, so I hope you don't mind, that I shared this great game ๐Ÿ™‚


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