the myth of the smurfs

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Smurfs are just another word for a new account of a player who is already playing the game, I want to draw the attention of the vast majority to make mistakes when they say that smurfs are a critical problem and no joke in DotA, for the reason that the system has long been changed to remove players with very high skills to encounter with a drastically weaker player than theirself, even at the very beginning in the first 100 hours of the unranked game it will not happen. This is verified information that, even in the first game on the latest level 1 account, it will match the player's current skills from main account, if the herald will be put together with the heralds, if the legend will be put together with the legends, if some immortal makes a new account there is a high probability that he will calibrate after a 100 hours right into the immortals and not in archons and so on further. Attention should be drawn to society, that smurfs are just alternative profiles of people who are probably of the same skills as you, so the new account will in most cases calibrate to the same MMR as it is on the main, if not more! Therefore that's why selling accounts is right now a matter and situation regarded as unwelcome, harmful, and needing to be dealt with by Valve, since it is from these solutions listed above that prevent smurfing has become easy to clone MMR and sell someone account in a skill level he doesn't belong to!


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