The new healing system or heavy bleeds.

I hate the new healing system right now the heavy bleeds don’t add anything to the game as all they do is just waste your sweala kit and now that it’s harder to craft swealas it’s easy for geared players to heal while starters or mid tier have to spend 30k roubles which at that stage of the game can be a lot and if you don’t have eod or a big container sucks to suck because now your container is full of meds and even if you find something that’s ok you don’t want to have the risk of dieing and losing your meds I have eod and I run into problems of not having space in my container because now I have so many things for all the different types of healing I bring a seweala for heavy bleeds an ifak for healing alu splint and Vaseline with painkillers and an ai-2 in my rig or pockets now you see where the problem is that’s five of my nine slots gone and if you were a standard edition player something would have to be out side your container also it’s not like I have 4 extra slots because I have to have my docs case and sometimes my dog tag case because dog tags can sell for a bit but that’s my take on the issue.


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