The new medical system means that the base edition of tarkov will need a larger container.

Hello Escapers!

I'm sure most of you have seen the latest podcast by Nikita detailing the new heavy blood loss system. I believe that this will add a lot more realism and challenge to the game, however, it will be hard to manage with a 2×2 container. As it stands, a player can put a salewa, one other med (painkillers or splints) as well as a stack of ammo in their containers. As someone who doesn't play much, I usually forego splints all together as painkillers will do the same thing, and if I get a blacked leg I'm screwed anyway because I can't put a cms in with my salewa and stack of ammo. Adding meds to fix heavy bleeds will screw over newer players with small containers as the cost of losing things in their container would be huge for them. If your entire kit consists of an SKS and some ps ammo, losing a 16k salewa is not sustainable financially. Adding heavy bloodloss will probably end up hurting standard edition players, not because of the new mechanic, but because they will lose a slot of their secure container that was already taken.


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