The nonsense of non-FIR weapons

I really fail to see what this change was meant to accomplish.

Was it meant to force people to use the weapons they got off other PMCs? Because that's definitely not how people are ever going to play. In my personal case, 90% of weapons I get from other players end up being sold to traders, with the exception of SOME attachments. Was this the vision all along? To delete highly modded weapons from the game completely instead of keeping them and their mods in circulation?

For example – if I kill anyone with a pimped out M4 or AK, I can promise you that the only things that aren't going to the mechanic are the grip, sight, IR laser and possibly stock. But just because I don't like using those weapons doesn't mean someone else might not be interested in buying them.

So instead of making a better profit selling guns and attachments, we are stuck in this awkward system where we have to choose between using guns we don't like or selling them for a sub-market value, while deleting expensive or highly sought after attachments.

This irks me as one of the most baffling changes recently made.

Ask yourself this:

Does it feel good to vendor an expensive weapon with mods?

Does it feel good to use a weapon you absolutely hate because you found it?

If you're leaning towards no, then we both know that this system is broken and should return to its previous iteration.


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