The normal peoples economy (lore wise how many credits do non commanders generally have?)

I was reading the tabletop rpg book and found out that 1 credit is worth around 50 US dollars. So considering that 1000 credits would be 50,000 US dollars. Does this mean an average office worker could expect to earn around 1000 credits a year? And if that's the case would that make space one of the most profitable careers out there? I mean your stock sidewinder could earn 100,000 credits pretty quickly even if we abstracted and said witch space and super cruise took weeks or even months. Even a starting commander would have quite a lot of cash to throw around on any planet they landed on.

Do you think this is how it would actually work in the lore? Do you reckon the account of credits commanders in the game earn is a hand wave because its just a video game?

Basically just looking for a discussion on how you think independent commanders fit into local economies where 100 credits would be worth 5,000 Grand to us in real life and not even be worth leaving a station for in the game.

Edit: here's the currency section from the book:

The Interstellar Credit (cr) is the universal currency as regulated by the Bank of Zaonce. However, it’s a rather big unit of currency. The approximate value of even a single credit is about $50 in 21st century money. You don’t buy candy bars, meals at fast food restaurants or underwear with credits (unless it’s very nice underwear, of course).

CURRENCY CALCULATOR 1 cr = 100 mcr = 10,000 u 1 credit (cr) is 100 micro-credits (mcr) 1 micro-credit (mcr) is 100 units (u) 1 credit (cr) is 10,000 units (u)

The Micro-Credit (mcr) is used for civilian-sized purchases. There are 100 micro-credits to the credit. A micro-credit is about 50 cents in today’s currency. The Unit (u) is small change, with a hundred units to the micro-credit.

A Unit is worth a half cent and is generally used only in the child economy or as a rounding fraction to calculate interest. Most adults never consciously use it.


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