The number of smurfs in ancient-divine is disgusting

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I reached divine 1 in 2019, took a break, went to wow, came back, played quite a number of unranked games to get comfortable again, went to ranked, and lost 300 mmr within 2 days. Almost every game I lost had to do with either the enemy safelane or mid going 20-0 and outplaying everyone like crazy, then I check their profiles; low levelled accounts with crazy high winrates(80-90%) and winstreaks on "smurf heroes", like morph or invoker.

I've been through the climb, I know climbing mmr essentially requires you to solo carry every game, but these smurfs are disheartening. I want to get better, I want to play with and against skilled players, but when I manage to dominate my lane(offlane) so hard but still get fountain farmed 20mins in by the 6 slotted enemy mid arc warden with 800gpm, it sucks

Perhaps I'm unlucky, but I find that I play against smurfs way more than I play with smurfs. I only distinctly remember one win this week where my mid did pretty well and we won quickly, but the rest of my wins were very, very close games. Whereas a lot of my losses come from being ran over within 20minutes by a smurf. Today, I lost 4 games in a row to 15-0 arc wardens, invokers, morphlings and yea I'm pissed.

What do you guys to do counter these games? I feel like I play better than most of the "normal" players in the bracket but smurfs just take a dump on me. At least half of my daily games are against smurfs. So I'm begging anyone that's good at the game, how do I stop this as an offlaner? Become better than the smurfs?


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