The only thing this game lacks

the witcher and ciri gwent

I am going to compare Gwent with LoR in some aspects. What a I like about LoR is that they have a sort of free battle pass for each region/faction, so any one can complete it and get some cards of that faction, LoR also have sort of challenges that are you against bots, for each challenge you have a different premade deck and some, completing it grants you xp (if something like this is on gwent maybe keys will suit the better).

Also LoR has something called labs, which has a gamemode like the seasonal we get along with some single player experiences that reward you with different stuff.

I am saying this because I am struggling to get new cards, and if the stuff mentioned above is implemented it will be a lot more easier, I understand is a free game, I have spent some money on it and I never regret it, but damn, I sometimes feel the game needs some single player stuff apart of the usual 3 gamemodes.

I am not saying LoR is better (I don’t play it, but sometimes I open up just to see what’s up)I will take Gwent over LoR anytime mainly because of the beautiful art of the cards, but I sometimes I feel the game somehow “empty” and hard to progress without paying for cards.

I know Riot games is a big company and one of the wealthiest so implementing those features is ease, don’t know how many people work on Gwent. Gwent has a lot of potential, hope one day we se some other stuff apart from the expansions (:


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