The PC version of Odyssey should be the priority. Period. The console version should get pushed back if necessary to make this happen.

Its just not fair for PC players who spent $40 on this broken mess to have to wait ~6 months for the console release to have whatever large update that is planned for that time.

The fact that they practically said PC won't be getting anymore updates between Update 5 in a few weeks, and the console release ~6 months from now is just appalling.

Odyssey for PC should be priority. What we have now is basically a barebones tech demo of "Space Legs" and needs fleshed out with more content, which is not even getting into the performance issues and bugs. Hell the On Foot engineering is a grindy mess that needs another development pass too.

Its also shameful we have to wait over a month to get Sharable missions that were specifically teased in a prerelease gameplay video.

I don't even want to hear about the console release until the PC game is actually a game and not a broken laggy tech demo.


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