The perfect analogy to getting exfil camped

Imagine this, your at a night club with your friends dancing. You spot a woman who is just your type. You glance at her a couple of times and she sees you to. She gives you a smile. You think about going over to her but are kind of shy. You are intimidated. Anyways you buy a couple drinks to get your courage.

Finally you work up the courage to go up to her. (engaging a pmc) She reciprocates and you guys dance. She's a dirty dancer too. You guys talk and you buy her some drinks, and you pay a good money for those drinks (your loadout) anyways you ask her "hey why don't we continue at my house" She says yes and is very into it (you get the kill and the loot) Right as you are about to leave her friend comes "Hey we have to go home, now" (exfil camper) She reluctantly leaves (boom you got exfil camped).

You're left there with anger and frustration and leave the club (rage quitting)


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