The playerbase being ignorant about cheats functionality is an issue

People posting clips of cheaters on reddit are not really usefull tbh, but one thing that honestly makes me sad is theses people who are always 100% positive that it's not cheating and always blame the dude dying.

How are people suposed to report "suspect use of cheats" if they don't even understand simple thing like: shooting with a SEMI AUTOMATIC GUN in FULL AUTO is not legit, Shooting TROUGH A WALL, is not legit, moving without any sway, jumping like jordan, moving at the speed of light, spraying and constantly only hitting the head is not legit.

If you don't know how cheats works go watch some videos, inform yourself. But for the love of god stop showing how ignorant you are about this topic by trying to justify things that doesn't make any sense. Stop being delusional you are just harming the game more than anything by not being able to report cheaters.


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