The Plot of Among Us Theory

The whole plot of Among Us revolves around MIRA ( a weapons company) testing a biological weapon on a group of clones made from separate clone templates (hence the different suit colors). The spacesuits are just a way of hiding the fact that they are clones and even if you win you are left on the ship to die or the MIRA shuts off the life support killing off the clones and decontaminating the testing facility so they can collect data with a new batch. The best bit of evidence is that every admin card has the same family on it. They cannot risk contamination so they just kill the clones and start off with a new batch. Each of the clones is given a menial task to "repair" the ship when in reality the ship is fine and being controlled remotely from another location. These menial tasks are just a front to make the clones think they are really cosmonauts when they are just cannon fodder for a biological weapon.


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