The point of exit camping?

Like I get it, you want the shiny but can't be bothered to go get it yourself. Now what I don't get is what is so rewarding about camping an extract and just gunning down people for their loot. Like you didn't do much, you sat in a corner and waited for that door to open or to hear foot steps and just gun people down that have loot. Like I under stand rats, I understand Chad's, exit campers just dont click with me. Annoy the heck out of me frankly. Got this game early February have played on and off since, got to lvl 17 and I'm forcing myself to play new maps since the only one I know well is Customs. Last couple of PMC runs on Factory I've killed at least one other PMC and nearly 4 to 6 scavs each run. Every time I have now died to some little exit camper sitting in a new corner of one of the exits and just guns me down, the one actually fired into the opening door honestly.

What I want to know is simple. What is so great or rewarding about exit camping? I struggle with this game and I'm personally not that good, but killing a player scav, some scavs, and maybe a PMC seems like a much more fun and rewarding time then sitting and waiting during the whole match to simply do very little work for what I am guessing is simply some money and maybe gear. Exit campers annoy me beyond belief. If I die to another player then ok, they were probably better or just got me off guard or something that makes sense, exit camping is just like the low of low I feel.


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