The programming logic behind The Tarkov Shooter and Wet Job – Part 1

I'm going to open this by saying that I have zero Unity experience and very little actual programming experience, and I'm looking for answers more than to raise the issue since it's already pretty well known. This post is tagged Discussion rather than Suggestion or Issue for those reasons, respectively.

Right now, it looks like some quests are not working with certain guns/attachments that should meet the requirements, but in actuality do not. The later quests in The Tarkov Shooter line are the most egregious, but Wet Job – Part 1 suffers from it as well. Some suppressors or bolt actions are not counting as being in their category and do not contribute to quest progress. Based on the fact that these unrecognized suppressors/rifles tend to be released after the quest, or in The Tarkov Shooter's case a major change to the quest was made, these bugs seem to be caused by the failure to update a list of "approved" suppressors/rifles. I'd like to know if there are any limitations in Unity that prevent the use of a better method less prone to bugs and more future proof. The flea market seems to be doing a way better job of correctly categorizing bolt action rifles and suppressors. The programming logic for distinguishing those two classes of items from the rest seems to be already there. Why not reuse that logic for the quests, to check if the muzzle attachment or base weapon the player is using is listed under the market as "Suppressor" or "Bolt-action rifle" respectively?

TL;DR: Use flea market logic to determine whether a gun is "bolt action" or a muzzle device is "suppressor" so we get less buggy quests.


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