The rain is probably one of the most annoying aspects of the I right?

For the past week, I've been trying to finish shooter born in heaven, and I am unable to due to the rain. It's literally been raining every single time I am able to get on, for multiple hours at a time, and if it's not rain, it's thick fog.

It's cool how the weather is linked to the real world weather…..but this just isn't a good idea when you have quests that rely on getting kills at a distance. You can argue that that's how the game is designed, but it's not particularly fair that the only chance I get to play is shrouded in rain making it almost impossible to finish this quest.

I'd suggest maybe keeping it linked to the real world, but not allowing the game to have the same weather consecutively for more than an hour or so at a time. I know this would make it predictable somewhat, but it's not entirely fair that some of us are at a huge disadvantage to those who get lucky with the rain. You could argue that I'm just getting unlucky, but I shouldn't have to rely on being lucky enough to get decent weather to finish this quest.

The rain is a little over the top too sometimes. I rarely see light showers, it's almost as if Tarkov is in a tropical rainforest during a monsoon. The fog too… almost blinds me it's so white sometimes, hurts my eyes to look at….

Anyone else feel the same? If so/not, explain why? Keep it civil please, we're not children.

Edit: People seem to be having a hard time understanding what it is that I'm actually saying so I guess I explain a little more. I used to be able to play at least 8 hours every day without fail. I didn't think the rain was a problem at all. If it was raining, oh well, I'll just play other maps/other ways. It didn't bother me all that much.

As of late I have had IRL commitments witch now take up the majority of my waking hours, so I often struggle to get on for more than 2-3 hours at a time, which is often only 3-5 raids as I take my time rather than sprinting around. I prefer to play that way.

This has now caused me to see the game in a completely different way. I would probably agree with a lot of the comments on this post if I was still in the position I once was. But now, with the significantly reduced time I get to play the game, I find myself getting frustrated with things I never was, be it the rain. This is because if it's raining on that day, chances are I gotta either not play, or sprint around for the couple hours I have, which not all quests and playstyles allow. Now combine that with real weather….where it can rain for hours on end for several days at a time, it gets a kind of difficult for us.

TLDR; You probably don't care about the game enough if you can't be bothered to skim read this


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