The Reason Why B’Day Lamas Dont Cost Tickets, Partly….

I know by making this post im opening myself to hate but i think the conversation atm around b'day lamas isn't getting to the root of the player base's real problems while keeping in mind and addressing epics views with how they want the game to be played looking to the future of STW… here goes..As you can see in pic provided im currently holding over 900+ event lamas from the previous year, given some of these are upgrade lamas from daily reward logins, they wouldnt even make up 10% of whats in there, i open all Rare lamas i get from logins so i know its mainly event lamas. Holiday, Pirate, Fortnitemares, Lunar, Rad (last years), Spy Lamas.

Now, Spy Lamas are currently still giving the 300 event tickets, and have been for almost 1 yr now, so opening them yields 300 tickets, and whatever event is current, will be those 300 event tickets.

When Dungeons rolls around again and as we see 2 times a year, i think, the possibility of gaining 100k tickets in 1 event time is too easy, and im not even operating at a top level or anything. So i can only imagine how some people accounts look after a Dungeons or those that just do Endurance 24/7.

Since ventures came into the game i started to notice certain heros not returning during events, mainly mythics, those that give team perks, While other heros would come thru in events they dont belong too leaving the event they belong to either never returning or the hero not being attainable anymore….this is where Hero Recruit Vouchers come into the game.I think epic have taken the route of, you can get "what you want, when you want" by doing Ventures and getting the Vouchers. You see them as rewards before any superchargers come thru and that what the higher level players are playing for, superchargers, so i think that shows that even a newer player entering ventures not having 130s yet can get something they would like without having to either wait for the event, given no information is really given as a timeline of whats happening, and not all players check the HBSR (Homebase Status Report) when each update comes out.

Im not ever gonna say 3 B'Day lamas is enough but they surely cant be getting bought for tickets when theres a category of players that are getting 100k tickets each and every event, thus rendering the hero voucher system redundant to a group and a vacuum of higher level players complaining they are of no use will happen….So i think the happy medium here is for epic to

  1. Increase the amount of B'Day lamas we can get but still have them limited
  2. Tweak the lamas so heros returning in the near future events have the lowest chance of appearing if at all.
  3. Take all art decco items out and just introduce them into the game in someway, either thru a small questline for some, then into the rotating lama set in shop, or just attach them to a dungeons for at least 1 time and let everyone have a few months to get some before making them only purchasable for vbucks/xray….because none of those items have ever come into game like other sets where you can pick 1 of the 4 weapons or heros at the end, like we see with other events.
  4. Open up all campaign heros you only get in storyline and not obtainable for Collection Book thru the Recruit Vouchers, same for Battle Breakers Heros.
  5. Have more event lamas rotating throughout the year and bring back all old event lamas, dont move items around like the Baron comes from Steampunk set, but is it Wild West Lamas and the Ratatat from the Ratrod set hasnt returned since i got my 1st one over 2yrs ago.

I think the players base just wants the game to be more open in what i can pick from and not be locked down at every stage of they way, whether it be how many lamas we get, to what i can get from them. If i dont get something i can get from the daily event lama that day.I just know id much rather see a healthy amount of lamas given/obtainable in any event we see, with the whole range of items available from that events then see epic strip back the amount of tickets we get to have no cap on how many lamas we can obtain……hopefully some of us still remember the 5k cap on gold in the shop and youd be storing mini lamas away like a bank/kitty of gold storage. It was the worst.

I think us as a community need to understand it cant be both ways. We cant be getting 50-100k tickets and opening mass lamas making a whole other part of the game redundant (recruit vouchers), but epic need to understand, if we are going to be limited to an amount then give us our freedom with the recruit vouchers, and open up the collection book entirely so i can farm 50-100k tickets, do mass lama opening and still wanna play Ventures to get those last heros im chasing with Vouchers.

Hanging out every year til the b'day event returns is sometimes not about the rewards im gonna get from them, its about how you, epic, show your founders and community your willing to give back to the people and the community that supported you before BR took off, Before big $ came in thru cosmetics and collabs, all the while, you gave us predatory loot boxes for 2years and then abandoned the project when the $ dried up when you couldnt conduct shady dealings anymore. Like the X-ray lamas, i see straight thru you.


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