The recoil system is the #1 driver of this game’s meta, so it’s weird BSG considers it finalized but also “dislikes metas” and wants them to go away.

The reason everybody gravitates toward low recoil bullet hoses is a direct result of how recoil functions in this game. If burst firing wasn't so bad or if players had a little more control over the recoil themselves, you'd see a much wider variety of weapons being used later on in a wipe cycle. With the current system, whoever has the lowest recoil highest RPM weapon will be at a significant advantage over his opposition in a fair fight, to the point a lot of weapons will result in an auto loss unless you can face tap on the first shot before the other guy clicks his mouse and dumps 8 bullets into your thorax.

It's just really strange to me hearing Nikita say they have no plans to address burst firing or make it more viable when he also says he doesn't want Tarkov to have a meta. As long as recoil control persists as is, the meta will never change. Whatever weapon has the lowest recoil and highest RPM will always be king, whether it's Vectors, or the M4/HK before that, or the AS VAL before that, or…


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