The riddle of the latest dota 2 update

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I just had one of my most logical dreams:

– What if the puzzle you mentioned in the last update that you are eager to share with us is the labyrinth of aghanim II?

-And if we consider the next update of the support club that will obviously have a price, so they should release the battle pass before that, so that they have more income? So the most logical thing would be to launch it before?

-And if we consider that this week will be Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

– And also if the riddle that they mention that they will launch is “ the next weeks '' in reality they refer to hours or a couple of days?

-And if we go back to the previous maze event, don't you remember that it was like "coming soon" and it was released after the battle pass (one or 2 weeks after the pass). I don't remember exactly?

-And if they launch the event as I mentioned earlier together with the support club, after securing their pockets? considering the previous high income that they obtained in the compendium with respect to the cards osea support club?

Postscript: then I remember that it is valve, and if we are based on their previous announcements, after a previous warning they can release the content as very quickly as well as too slow, not to say very slowly (the facts mostly show us the latter, with its length , not to say a very long silence for us as a community) Thank you for your attention.

I don't know about you, but I'll go to bed with black clothes and wake up, and change with other black ones until I get some sign of life, even if it's smoke!


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