The same people who cry about smurfs are cheering Leopold on

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Like it's some kind of vicarious revenge against immortal players. I got news for you- immortal players are not smurfing in your 3k mmr games (I mean, there are maybe a few rare cases).
Why are you so ecstatic about this? How do you know the people who leopold ruined the games for are smurfing themselves and deserve it?

Why do you care so much about rank 100 having a rank 400 smurf? Stick to your 3k mmr games where you imagine a smurf in 5/10 of the games you play, when in reality it's probably lower than 1/50.

It's actually the reason you are 3k mmr- instead of learning and trying to improve you are blaming smurfs/boosters for your losses. "Enemy hero had a good game- must be a smurf!"

I see people posting links to games with "obvious" smurfs but when you look at the game that player is as shit as them but just snowballed in that particular game.

Dunning-Kruger in action.


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