The Save The World dilemma.

STW needs to die. It just does in my opinion. But the question is, why hasn't it? Why hasn't it been scrapped yet?

If this birthday event is any indication Epic clearly doesn't care. So why do they keep it around?

It's simple. Trophies/Achievements. And this very subreddit.

If Epic removed STW, Fortnite would have no attainable trophies. They would have to either re-tool the whole trophy system for BR, or they would have no trophies at all. And from a brand perspective it's not good to have a popular game with no trophies to earn.

And then there's this subreddit. Whether positive or negative, this subreddit is PR and an advertisement for Fortnite. There are 524k members here at the time of writing this. If Save The World dies so too will this subreddit.

You get it now? Epic is using us, they are squeezing us out of every bit of fan interaction we can muster, because to them it carries over to BR and the entire Fortnite brand.

This is the bad ending. This is the ending where STW doesn't get any new content and withers away slowly without a big send off or any kind of meaningful resolution. Because Epic cannot scrap this mode even if they wanted to. So we get this kind of middling purgatory where it's kind of supported but not really.

STW either needs to live, or it needs to die. But right now it's half-dead. We're playing the zombified version of STW. Kind of fitting actually now that you think about it. Maybe this is how it was always meant to be… but right now we're all stuck even the devs.


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