The scav karma system is a failure

Basically the title. As implemented, it's a lose-lose failure of a system at the very part it was supposed to fix, which is actual interaction between two scavs who don't know each other. If you like to play as friendly, loot sharing scav, then when someone comes up and wiggles, you may not trust them at all, literally zero. But if you kill them first, you lose. Or, you wait it out, and they inevitably shoot you in the back of the head, and you still lose. Sure, being a good scav has is benefits, but not in the actual gameplay. You get to do it more often, and you get better loot, but that doesn't help you out in the field. Out in the field, your scav kit just says "I'm a high karma scav, shoot me, I have a key card". And the karma system boosts have also actively been counterintuitive as well, since the -0.03 rep you get from being a bad scav is low enough that it would take a month of being a bad scav to get into the negatives if you took advantage of the boosting. I know that this is nothing new, but it's still nothing but frustrating.


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