The servers are not down early. They are down at the correct posted time. Description contained herein for anyone who doesn’t understand UTC

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is essentially a standardized time across the world so that time may be communicated the same to people in different time zones.

Imagine that in addition to all the different time zones across the world, there is a single clock that regulates the entire worlds “time”. This is UTC. Each time zone corresponds to UTC via simple addition or subtraction. The time zone I am in is UTC-5. Meaning the time UTC minus 5 hours is what shows up on my clock.

BSG published that maintenance would occur at 0100 on 02MAR2021 at UTC+3. To transpose that to your time, you must subtract 3 hours to get UTC, or 2200 on 01MAR2021. Then, you must figure out your time zone. For me, it’s minus 5, or 1700.

As a pilot UTC is common knowledge but I realize it might not be for everyone so I thought I would share.

Edit: Spelling

Edit 2: This is probably going to be how BSG communicates time given the popularity of the game across the globe. UTC is the best way to communicate time in cases like this.


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