The simple reason why I want a ton of more stuff in each biome even if they are not significant

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

Think about the requests about bears, dyes, armor customization, and etc as we saw in AMA.

Yes, as they reach the full release, we will have a lot of stuff added into the game, and the full amount of contents will increase. But, the fact that they're keep saying "We won't add anything unless it has a purpose" is such a letdown. imo.

Usually this is a good philosophy of straight-headed and realistic dev team that a lot of gamers would appreciate, but..

Sometimes, things are just really fucking cool or hell of a fun by just simply existing in your game.

I mean, the biggest reason for a lot of us asking for these "smaller" features is this:

It's just really fucking fun to go out, wander around, collect materials and ingredients, come back to rest my viking while making, building and cooking stuff.

As we all know, this game's balance between adventure + crafting is just pretty damn good.

And there's really no wrong about adding some smaller things in here and there that spices up your daily adventures like more rare creatures in early level biomes, small critters that serve no purpose but make the biomes feel more lively. I mean, look at Jack-o-turnip not only it's a good decoration but I loved having another item "just for fun".

I'd kill for even some stupid stuff like spices or like "Hey, make your Loxpie spicy, then it gives you like 5 seconds frost resistance bonus".

Honestly, I don't think it's a bad thing to ask from a game, A GAME(meant for you to have fun) to have even more fun stuff to play with.


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