The smurfing situation

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I've been playing this game since 2013 and I don't think I've experienced this amount of smurfing in my bracket (Archon) ever from over the years. There seems to be a smurf in 1 in 7 games for me.

Typical level 20 account. Around 100-300 games. Rampages all over the profile (sometimes they try to hide this with gifted items from others). VAC ban on their profile sometimes. They deny being a smurf and then go mid and dominate the game.

This anti smurf announcement by Valve doesn't seem to be having any effect. What is more frustrating is that playing Ranked is free but Battle Cup is not. Obviously you can't stop smurfs but Valve at least make it so you have to be calibrated in Ranked to compete in a COMPETITIVE mini tournament and also if they haven't played Ranked in 30 days, make it so they become uncalibrated and have to recalibrate.

Anyone else have any suggestions to put the majority of smurfs off?


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