The state of 4Zoomers is incredibly disappointing, get back to basics boys.

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What started as zoomers just being a bunch of friends just having fun, and they actually beat EG, I remember that being a very promising start. They were known to tip and try and tilt. It was extremely refreshing to see such an up and coming team coming out of NA

Then monkeys was kicked, and they never truly felt the same, but were still able to grab a victory over undying at BTS pro series 5.

In that time time frame undying got very strong and were able to grab the TI spot for NA.

Now I know roster shakeups happen, but kicking Sammy for EE was a HUGE mistake. They no longer feel like they have any identity. In a loss to NoPing they are back to the bottom, and a shake up is likely, but we all know EE will likely just leave the team and they may disband.

What they need to do is go back to square one. Remember why you even went pro with this team. Having fun with your friends. Gather up monkeys and Sammy, and practice. Find out quirky starts. I fail to accept this original team doesn’t have what it takes to be a front runner in NA. They have shown it before, but it’s sad to see such an interesting team result to this.

Get back to basics boys.

-a fan


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