The state of vampires.

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The Unseen Elder alongside with Dettlaff Var Eretein as well as some tweaks here and there made sure that the vampire lists would be just a bit stronger. Are they playable? Yes. Are they competent? Barely. Throughout most of my matchups, My nekurats are being blown away each time because they're a 3 strength engine. I know that in theory I can use carapace to make them better, except it doesn't really matter when there are so heavy control meta decks running around, blasting anything that can't respond to their every threat. Plus that nekurats are rowlocked so in addition of their 3 strength, even if I'd buff them, they would most likely get moved if not straight removed.

Obviously, drawing the Unseen, Dettlaff and Orianna is the most important part of the cake. That's not something solely demanding on this list, as on other lists this very requirement is the same. Drawing your golds. But I feel like the vampires, even after their buffs feel somehow underwhelming. It could be that our current meta is running around with control lists. It could be that Vampires take some time to develop real pointslams, after their bleed is on like 5-6 targets minimum or something.

But the question I have is this: How many matches of control lists must I encounter and lose to in order to match myself up against some memer, where my vampire list will have a chance to win? Except that even some meme decks absolutely wreck my vampires.

I'm no expert but shouldn't the nekurats go to 4 strength or something? Even then, they would be in range for the most control/damage cards existing in the game but at least they wouldn't dissapear after 1 turn. That's like a 5 for 5 that unless you use some leader ability or some stratagem, it's completely underwhelming and irrelevant.

Also, could the alps get +1 stength? Again, it wouldn't be a significant buff that would make them op by any stretch of imagination. Like I can see why bruxae are 3 strength. I can't exactly discern the reason as to why nekurats and alps are so low. Let me guess, is it because of their bleeding right?

I have a question. What kind of matchups do vampires excel at? Like so far, every faction pretty much completely destroys me. Specifically:

Syndicate = Bounty

Scoia'tael = Spellatel, Movement (Yes even movement.) and even elves. (Aren't vampires supposed to counter massive swarm lists due to how bleed works?)

Nilfgaard = Won't even talk about it. We all know.

Skellige = Discard, Lippy, Eist, Self wound even.

Monsters = Frost lists, Thrive pointslams , deathwish.

Northern Realms = Mages, Siege lists, NR Witchers even other lists such as royal guards or whatnot.

Like the only times that I was actually managing to prevail were only when my opponent was straight up throwing the match with bad draws and persistence. So will someone explain to me please how am I supposed to make vampires work?

I like the archetype but come on….At this point it's not even fun. I might as well drop MO again for later.


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