The tale how new designed card destroy’ing the game and steal your fun from game

Yennefer's Journey

Hello, first i wanna say hello to all gwent community, best regards from Poland to all players and have a nice day.

I know what i write next is look like my awful pain for paying for this game and playing it, but deck 'archetype' like Viy, like meditating mage or clogers its a cancer of this game, but i dont understand, why CDPR create all this card, when people like braindead zombie use only 1 archetype for destroy our fun, be tryhard and go to pro rank with the same deck from 25 rank to 0, i dont understand, why cdpr not understand (i buy this publisher games from years 2000 to 2018) i pay for games on gog, for kegs on gwent, support this game buying packages with cards or customization, but if i play and go to match with that cancer archetype who use my enemy, i wanna destroy all my cards (i have all cards in game) and remove all my gog account for that, CDPR not create a stable meta, or all leaders playable, only 1-2 archertypes on season and "have fun people". But for the god sake, in this game we have so many cards, i think its 1000+ cards, you destroy so many archetypes, for what? im play now harmony but its dead archetype, the same is ghosts archetype on NR, where is Tactics archetype? where is this leaders who you create for this game with 7 of them, when people only use only 1 for play like a zombie and kill your love to this game, why you CDPR support that actions, when people who love this game and support you, stream this game, play a lot like me (4000 hours), you tell this people unconsciously to this people "get of this game, go outside, we want only clogers, mages and viy". Good job for that kind of roadmap for players, who wanna leave your game and go to other developers to support them, for that you not know what cards you create, and destroy this game every season.

On last words i wanna say: Best regards for Pavel Burza, all CDPR game game engine creators and idea creator of game, best regards for all players who still get fun playing this game with using ALL CARDS create to this game and get fun creating meme/funny decks and still be happy wining/losing matches.

Not greatings for card designers who every season nerf the same cards who the last season destroy all meta, and create all this cancer decks and zombie players who i call now bots, for that its not human for me.

Cya and have a nice day all people who still have hope to better days in gwent!


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