The thing about realistic combat…

is, yes, it is very luck-influenced

A big reason troops tend to be "superstitious" (think lucky charms from an MRE) is because knowing that "luck" determines if you live or die can be rather maddening

And its easier to say X causes it

But luck (game terms, RNG) IS a part of real-world combat

"You can do everything right, and still wind up dead"

This is why the basis of tactics is redundancy

EVERYTHING in the military is about redundancy

You dont room-clear by yourself because if you go down, you have no cover

You go in a "stack" because if you go down, your 2, 3, and 4 man are there to cover and eliminate the enemy

You train to disassemble your weapon under stressful conditions, because your weapon WILL stop working, and a simple "reload" wont fix it

Yes, as this game gets more realistic, prepare for more RNG

Develop your tactics, as in IRL, to cover for these possible outcomes

Avoid all-or-nothing plays, because you could squeeze the trigger and "click"

Always have not just a plan A, but plan B-Z

If you make a play, without any thought of "what if this doesnt work", and then you die because your plan didnt work

Thats not RNG's fault

Thats yours for not planning


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