The thing that makes Odyssey Gameplay somewhat bland is that lack of customization and gadgets


We should have some give/take from the suit customization, you can add more to your suit but you have to take something away to make room, some examples:

Carry more med packs but you have to take away grenades

Carry more stuff but you move slower

Carry a lot more stuff but you take off the jet pack

More frags by removing shield bubbles

More ammo in exchange for grenades

I think it would be neat if you could create Support classes that could carry extra Med Packs, Energy Cells and Shield Bubbles.

Or you just go ham and carry just a lot of frag grenades

This idea would be great if it was built into the loadout creator, instead of more engineering grind. Everything could have a weight, and you can +/- everything to fit within the weight. Maybe you can even strip everything to move super fast. The engineering for suit capacity could still come into play here.


It would be neat if we had things like stationary deployable turrets (maybe different varieties that are good against people, SRVs or ships), mobile camera drones that you can use to fly over settlements to scout, stationary sticky cameras for checking out insides of buildings when playing stealthily, less than lethal stun weapons, or maybe even a knife for shanking people from behind.

Just some random thoughts that I think could improve the on foot experience a bit.


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