The trolls in this subreddit

Earlier today, i kinda shitposted saying "new players and returning players this pretty late in the wipe should not play" i was completely wrong for that, i should not be deterring off a really potential player base and or current player base just because of my definitely own experiences in this game this far, which generally is fairly significant.

First off, I want to say that I am sorry. There is no one to blame but my self; it was my fault and nobody else's. I was unsensitive and inconsiderate. I promise that I will never again do something like this. I apologize for being an asshat but when i essentially am frustrated I for all intents and purposes tend to have 0 filter in a generally big way.

Secondly, it wasn't my fault at all. Everybody else was also doing it why am I the only one who is getting so much hate? I was pressured into doing it and it was not my idea at all. It wasn't my fault that everybody reacted to it the way they did! How could I know that that was offensive?

So for those of you that came across the post and for the most part commented and i essentially said some stupid shit to you or whatever the case may be it just shouldn''t of happened, i should of accepted the fact that it kind of was just one of those days and kind of moved on instead of having a temper tantrum over the matter, which actually is fairly significant. Yeah this might be fairly weird and generally cringe that im apologizing to a bunch of people on the internet especially for a video game, but i for the most part felt that it for the most part had to kind of be done because i may mostly have for all intents and purposes started a domino effect as far as the anger and stupid mindset i displayed.

Also, I don't think it was as bad as all of you were saying. It wasn't much, I don't think anything was that wrong with what I did. I looked into it and it is actually fine to do that. Besides, I am one of the people that it was targeted to. Doesn't that make it all OK? You know, it was all the haters that caused it, and if you didn't like it than you are also an oversensitive hater, and you should try to be less sensitive about things like this. You all just need to learn to take a joke.

I'm sorry you were all offended. I hope someday all of you can forgive me.


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