The TT and 7.62×25 need some love and changes

Sooo 7.62×25 is the ammo for the TT and it's probably The Worst pistol caliber in game currently and with that it makes the TT the weakest pistol too. As if the TT wasn't weak enough previously too besides that one period.

The best armor piercing ammo for the TT, 7.62×25 pst gzh has 19 pen…

While 9×18 PMM has 25, which is equal to 9×19 6.3AP SR1MP has 33 pen with its highest pen round, and the 5.7 has a whoping 37 pen. However the shrimps accuracy is what makes it unusable past 25m.

But 7.62×25 should be better than both 9×18 or 9×19 in terms of pen, yet it is currently the worst calibre in game besides 366 maybe.

Not even only when speaking about penetration, the flesh damage rounds for the TT are also very bad. LRNPC which is the highest flesh damage round has 66 damage. While 9×18 SP7 has 77, 9×19 RIP has 102, 9×21 SP12 has 72, 5.7 r37f has 98 dmg.

We have such cool mods for the TT but the bullets just suck soo much its not worth using. While with the famous word "realistically" the TT bullets should be better than both 9×18 and 9×19. 7.62×25 Pst Gzh deserves at least 27-29 pen.

Nikita plox fix


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