The UTES heavy machine gun is useless. Unrealistic sight misalignment, unrealistic floppy rear sight, unrealistic low damage (off by a factor of 10)


  1. The gun has too much sight-misalignment. A shooter with a firm grip on the stock can turn the gun in real life and keep the sight picture. Ingame however, there is exagerrated sight misalignment, making tracking a moving target very hard. = Unrealistic

  2. The rear sight flops up and down when shooting ingame, does not happen in real life.


Real life:

In both videos, shooters have tight control over sight picture, there is no 15 degree misalignment between rear and front sight. Also no sight flopping when shooting.

  1. Weapon damage. In real life, this gun has a muzzle energy 6-9 times larger than a .308. Yet it only has twice the damage. It needs to have 1000 damage and kill anyone if they are hit by a grazing shot. Because in real life they chop and detach what they hit.

Currently ingame, the UTES is hard to aim with, hard to shoot with, and it does not enough damage. All of these make the weapon unrealistic and useless. It has all the disadvantages of a heavy machine gun (that can shoot down helicopters and planes in real life), but it does not have the advantages of it, because of the low damage. You need up to 3-4 shots to kill a player if you do not hit center of mass. But in real life, a person hit by this in the finger, will be dead

And here is some ballistic gelatin:
(it's .50 but that is marginally weaker than a 12.7×108)

There are no good counter-arguments against fixing it. And no, "it does not leave all of its energy in the target" is not an excuse for 18000 Joules only doing 2x the damage of an AKM round. (AKM round 1800J), that is a factor of x10. If anyone wants to come in with that argument, look at what happens to the gelatin block.


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