The VSS/VAL is the most nerfed weapon in the game, why?

Right now there is absolutely no reason to run this weapon platform. Only because of whiney streamers/reddit posts have we seen this gun get nerfed more than any other weapon in Tarkov.

  1. First the recoil nerf, the gun is still a laser.
  2. Then another recoil nerf. This is understandable, the first nerf wasn't enough.
  3. SPP got nerfed, fine. This is understandable, it was way too strong.
  4. Barter Trade got nerfed to absolute dogshit where the gun is only available around 100k. Annoying, but okay…
  5. The final straw – aside from the high base recoil, SP-6 got a huge price hike making the most common ammo very expensive to run.

Why bother with this platform at all? The MP7 is better in almost every way, has cheap 40-round mags and the highest tier AP ammo is around 850 roubles per round. Even the baseline FMJ ammo is only 250ish roubles to run with 40 pen.

I'm not asking for it to have a recoil buff or become a laser god-gun again, but the price to run/maintain this weapons platform should be reverted so that it becomes a popular choice vs. high-end Western weapons.

MP7 – 35,000
3 x 40-round mags – 36,000 + Mixture of FMJ/AP SX: 12,000

VSS: 100k
3 x 30-round mags – 120,000 + SP-6/BP Ammo: 30,000


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